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Mercedes Sprinter (2018): All information and specifications

Mercedes Sprinter (2018): All information and specifications

Mercedes is launching a new generation of Sprinter in 2018. A few weeks ago, a prototype hit our lens. And now Mercedes has shed light on the vision for the new Transporter and has taken a first look at the cockpit.

With the change of the Mercedes Sprinter model, the cooperation between the company from Stuttgart and VW also ends. The all-new Crafter-Transporter has long been in development in Stuttgart and will roll off the assembly line with its sister MAN model in Poland. Shortly before the 20th anniversary of the Sprinter series, the Germans believe that the released capacity in production could be put to good use.

From 2019 Mercedes Sprinter also on electricity

The current Sprinter W906 series debuted in 2006 and was updated in 2013 with a major facelift and was recently also updated with a new 5.5 ton variant. In fact, the Sprinter, with its current Euro 6 engines, is at the top, so to speak. From 2019, the Sprinter will also be available with a pure electric drive.

Therefore, the upcoming successor to the Mercedes Sprinter will continue to develop in a similar form and, as after the last major model change, will remain unmistakably a Sprinter. At North America's first commercial vehicle show (NACV), Mercedes has already unveiled its first design sketch and given the first information about the Sprinter, which will hit the market in the first half of 2018.

Sprinter is important for the US market

Starting from the A-pillar, the prototype is revealed in the current generation Sprinter clothing, of course the front is still hidden. A sketch of the new design confirms that the face will resemble the V-Class with flatter and more swept-back headlights. The hood is similar to the current version, but the front apron is new. Other innovations include new assistance systems and communications services combined with new telematics systems. According to Mercedes, they are designed to provide maximum efficiency in driving and crew. “In addition, the new Sprinter, thanks to a significantly expanded range of options, can be adapted even more accurately and precisely to the needs of individual transport in the industry.”

Cabin with large display

Accordingly, the cabin has been completely redesigned. The centerpiece is now a large screen that divides the space with two air vents. Through this touch screen, the Sprinter connects to the Internet and the latest telematics solutions. Easier operation and optimized communication between the fleet manager and the driver are among the innovations that make everyday work easier and more efficient. Of course, a modern infotainment system is also hiding here.

The new three-spoke steering wheel in the style of a passenger car has many controls. Between the round instruments on the dashboard is another large digital display. Power seats borrowed from passenger models. In the case of a manual transmission, the gear lever is located on the instrument panel.

In the future, Mercedes will build the Sprinter at a new US plant in North Charleston, South Carolina, not only to avoid heavy import duties, but also because the US is currently the second largest single market for large vans. So far, the Mercedes Sprinter has been imported to the US as a CKD "kit". In Germany, the new generation will be produced not only at the Düsseldorf plant, but also at the Transporter plant near Berlin. The world premiere of the new Sprinter will take place in February 2018.

http://www.mercedesman.ru/en/another/Sprinter-903_d — Manuals and manuals for the maintenance of the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter W903.

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